Barn Fine Sign Shop

Wall Signs for Home Decor

Welcome to the Barn Fine Sign Shop. We hand build all of our wooden signs for the home in a variety of home decor styles including farmhouse style, beach and lake home style, and the ever popular rustic style.


When it comes to decorating a home we often hear the same comment about choosing items to decorate with and that is, “I’m just not sure what to put in this space in my house”. Another common problem with decorating a home is where to find that perfect piece once you do figure out what that is exactly. We have a great variety of wooden wall signs that may just be that perfect piece to complete the look you’re going for in a certain room.


Wall signs can also act as a crucial element to putting together the perfect wall collage. We like to think of our wall signs as art – wall art if you will.



Wall Signs with Quotes and Sayings

Wall signs with quotes and sayings are a very popular trend in home decorating at the moment. Not only can these type of wall signs fit into a wide range of current home decor styles, they can add that perfect warm personal touch to any room in your house. Sometimes a small one-word sign is all it takes to anchor an entire room or area of a room such as a dedicated coffee serving station.



Personalized Signs

Another way to make an area of your home unique and complete is hanging up a personalized wall sign such as a coffee sign or a personalized farmhouse sign. We offer many options for personalizing a sign with your name.



Don’t see it?

If you are not seeing the perfect sign for you, please contact us as we specialize in custom work. Perhaps it’s a personal phrase or word you’d like to see on one of our farmhouse style one-word signs. We can do that! Please contact us for more information.