Home Accessories

Handmade home decor accessories crafted with pride

Do you love small home boutique stores? You know the kind – where you walk through the front door and are greeted with a waft of potpourri and century old creeky hardwood floors. You enter in and then it happens, your mind goes blank – you forget what specific item you went in to look for in the first place. Then your visit turns into a hunt – a hunt for that perfect piece, whether you know what you’re looking for or not, or where you’d even put this elusive piece if you did find it. (That’s what happens to me when I enter in to a warehouse full of old barn wood – I stand there with a blank look wondering what to do next, kind of makes me nuts.) Then you shop, and shop, and shop, striving not to let one item escape your sight looking behind every ladder every table and every object blocking what just might be the piece you’re desperately trying to find.


After you’ve scoured every inch of the place you check out rather pleased with yourself that you were fortunate enough to find something to buy, and depart that little boutique store looking forward to telling your friends all about the place and showing off your new treasure.


These little stores can be found stashed in small rural towns across the land and we all have a certain depth of appreciation for them. And the cuter and more unique they are the more magical they seem to be. I’ll be the first to admit, you are not going to get the ambiance of one of those magical places by drifting through our many offerings here at our online store. However I will say that we strive to design and hand make each piece we sell to be just a bit different than every other thing that can be found out there – we like to think of our pieces as gems you would find at one of those cute little home boutique shops. Enjoy.