Shadow Box Sign Frame| Black Painted Frame

Shadow Box Sign Frame| Black Painted Frame

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  • Features:Interchangeable acrylic panel allowing instant sign change

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Barn Wood Inset Color

This all black painted wood shadow box sign makes for a very unique wall sign that works comfortably in a wide variety of home decor styles. Reclaimed barn wood is showcased under the acrylic panel, which adds a very unique rustic touch. With a profile of only 2-3/4” the shadow box hugs tightly to the wall for a sleek look.


The best part of this sign is its interchangeable sign insert feature, which will allow you to quickly and instantly change what the sign says. Simply slide the acrylic insert out of the top and slide in a new one for a completely different sign. Now you’ll be able to change the sign with the seasons and holidays or special occasions without having to change out an entire sign every time. Not only is this a more economical way to have a variety of signs, storing multiple signs has never been easier. The 1/8” thick acrylic panel measures 12” x 10” so storing multiple panels won’t take up much room at all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that this listing is for the shadow box only and does not include a sign insert. To add a sign insert have a look through our extensive collection, found here. We also have a Personalized Sign option, which can be found here.

Includes your choice of barn wood. Choices are a darker faded barn wood siding which has a gray or silver patina from natural weathering, or a light colored barn wood reclaimed from boards inside the barn not exposed to weather, which has a lighter natural tan patina. When ordering please indicate your preference.



Please see our note about how barn wood will vary found here.



Width: 16”

Height: 14”

Depth: 2-3/4”

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