Wall Decor

Home art ideas

I’m sure you can remember a time when you were visiting a home and were blown away by what was on their walls. I’ve seen some rather interesting items on the wall – from hats to horse head statues to gallery walls that must have taken weeks to perfect. Some people can get rather creative when it comes to wall decor and art.


So why do we put stuff on our walls? I suppose it can be dated to ancient times when people scribed maps and told stories on their walls whatever they were made from.  We’ve always had a special spot on our walls for family photographs and art work, but hanging things on the wall seems to be a way for us to define our space and let our personalities out. Hanging things on the wall is also a way to bring comfort into our lives – to make the space we live in every day warm and in our happy zone.


Are you looking for that perfect “something” to fill a void on your wall? We have a great selection of wall and decor items to choose from. At Barn Fine Decor, we design and hand make our pieces to fit into the rustic, farmhouse, and beach theme styles of home decor.