Mackinac Island Street Name Signs

Mackinac Island Street Name Signs

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Have you ever noticed that some travel destinations have the coolest street names? Certain names really just have a nice ring and carry a unique, almost authoritative personality making them warm and fun to say. They can even permanently etch a special place in our hearts. Mackinac Island is no different. In fact, we think this famous Michigan destination has some of the coolest street names out there, so much so we designed an entire line of signs around them. Take for instance names like Astor Street, Garrison Road, Grand Avenue, Surrey Lane, West Bluff Road, Cudahay Circle, Truscott Street, Cadotte Avenue, Bogan Lane… These are names that when you hear them in your head it brings to mind old steam engine trains, the industrial push that built this great nation, or even a certain degree of dignity or exuberance. And if you’re a Mackinac Island lover (as we are), these names will likely take you right back to the island – to the smell of lilacs in full bloom and the clip clop sounds of a horse drawn carriage making its way by. Now you can hang a Mackinac Island Street Name Sign on your wall to remind you of what a special place the island is. It's the perfect addition for your gallery wall.


If you’re not familiar with the island here’s a tiny snippet of the place: Mackinac Island is a favorite Michigan vacation destination where fudge shops and magical little gift shops abound in and around the historical downtown area. On the outskirts of town are many very large historical cottages lining the two bluffs of the island towering over the Straits of Mackinac overlooking the beautiful waters of Lake Huron. Accessible by boat or plane only, Mackinac Island is home of the famous Grand Hotel, a 130 year old hotel which boasts the worlds longest porch at 660 feet long. The land area of the island consists of 3.8 square miles, most of which is pristine northern Michigan woods with 70 miles of bike trails alone, not to mention horse and foot trails. One of the many wonderful attributes of the island is that there are no cars allowed – the only modes of transportation are horse, bike, and feet. In fact it holds the only state highway in the country where no motorized vehicles are allowed to travel on it. Highway M-185 makes an eight mile loop around the entire perimeter of the island making for one of the most scenic bike rides you can take. Mackinac Island has a very rich history in a variety of subjects including Michigan’s fur trading industry, Dr. William Beaumont’s discovery of the digestive process, and famous dealings with both the Native Americans of the time and the British, to name just a few. It is truly a special place, the kind of place that produces a vacation where the deepest of relaxation can take place.


Our signs are all wood, painted a semi-gloss white, and have beautiful contrast with the black permanent vinyl adhesive – a very Mackinac Island-esque or Grand Hotel type look and feel. There are 31 names in total to choose from so please be sure to select your favorite when ordering. This list does not include all of the street names on the island so if you don’t see your favorite, contact us about creating a custom sign for you. If you are looking for a wall sign that is truly unique and sure to start a conversation, we think these street signs that are reminiscent of the signs seen on Mackinac Island are sure to fit the bill.



Width: 20.5"

Height: 4.5"

Depth: 1"


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